Jolie is open

The Jolie project is open source. The core technology (interpreter and standard library) is released under the GNU Library General Public License (v2 or later). Sometimes, support tools and external integration libraries are released instead under the Apache License, to allow for the integration of Jolie in enterprise proprietary software.

Simply put, Jolie can be safely used to develop, coordinate, and integrate proprietary software. However, all modifications and improvements to the implementation of the Jolie interpreter and related libraries must be publicly shared. If you are in doubt about your usage of Jolie, please contact us.

This website is written in Jolie and it is itself open source: it is included in the SVN repository of the Jolie project. Every developer with access to the Jolie codebase can also update the website (directory web).

The Jolie Team

Jolie is a collaborative effort by many people spread over the world. You can see some of its history here. The following list includes the maintainers of the different tasks behind Jolie:

If you are interested in joining us, please feel free to contact us through our mailing list. We are always open to new collaborations and discussions!

We often use the term The Jolie Team to refer to the people who contributed to the development of Jolie by writing code (copyright holders). In the lists below, we also give credit to people who contributed to the project through other means (research, useful discussions, sponsoring, etc.).

Main Active Developers

Main Active Researchers

Occasional Developers / Academics / Collaborators / Thanks to


Current Sponsors

The server infrastructure for this website is kindly provided by the University of Southern Denmark, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Past Sponsors