Jolie has strong roots within academia and is used in many research and teaching activities. If you do not see your project or university in the following, feel free to to ask us how to collaborate on our mailing list. Below, we list some resources and useful information for students and researchers, and a list of scientific publications related to Jolie.



The University of Southern Denmark offers a full MSc course that covers Jolie programming and its integration with mainstream practices in software development and other research projects (for example, Choreographic Programming).

The following Universities partially cover Jolie as part of their courses in Computer Science:

Study abroad

italianaSoftware, Italy offers international student internships on Jolie.


Looking for a topic for your university degree? Here are some people who offer BSc and MSc projects on Jolie:


Current Projects

Past Projects

Collaboration Network

Some organisations have a long-term relationship aimed at discussing the usage of Jolie in research and teaching. This network currently includes:

Scientific Publications

Many of the reported publications are available at this external link (for copyright reasons imposed by the publishers). A good starting point for reading up about Jolie is this Book Chapter.